It’s a funny thing, birthdays. A day all about you when you didn’t exactly have any choice in the matter, yet somehow, we get so caught up in the attention and the excitement that not getting any recognition seems to ruin the day. Do you tell people it’s your birthday and risk coming off as narcissistic and juvenile? Or is it fair to assume they’ll somehow find out? While it’s nice to know people are thinking of you, wouldn’t it be even nicer if those relationships lasted longer than a Facebook comment or a text message? I feel like lately, relationships are becoming momentary, and any hopes of creating lasting ones are fleeting. I’m not saying everyday should be like a birthday, but I’m saying when a birthday comes around, maybe it shouldn’t be the first time that person hears from you all year. Where is the fun in life if there is no one around to share it with? So my birthday wish is for you, my dear friends. Remember to spend time together. Remember to care about each other all year long. Remember that relationships go beyond “happy birthday. hope all is well.” Ask about the “all” that you hope is well. Have a conversation. Live up to the friend part of “friendship.” I promise to hold up my end of the deal. Will you hold up yours?



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