As good as it’s gonna get


I woke up this morning, found some questionably clean clothes, looked in the mirror and uttered these exact words. The day after parent-teacher conferences is always a rough one. Students walk on eggshells knowing at any moment I can bring their hard exterior crashing down by simply bringing up the tears that were shed just a mere 12 hours earlier. If I were them, I’d think twice about calling another student a “fat, ugly, troll,” even if she does resemble the mountain troll that found his way into the dungeons of Hogwarts many years ago. Teachers are exhausted because there are only so many times “pleasure to have in class” can be said and overly pleasant smiles can be upheld before lockjaw sets in.

For the most part, the conversations go something like this:


With the occasional:




Overall, parents were cooperative and the 5 minute-conferences proved to be painless, however, there was quite a language barrier between myself and a few parents. I tried to break out my high-school Spanish, but I’m pretty sure it sounded more like this.

The best part of PTC? Using it as an excuse to make today movie day…Even better? With Halloween quickly approaching (yay!), I can justify showing Are You Afraid of the Dark? reruns…allllllll day. šŸ™‚ Ā 


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