Music Monday

I write this post with a heavy heart. There hasn’t been a moment of the past week that my mind wasn’t on Hurricane Sandy, yet I still cannot seem to wrap my head around the immensity of this disaster. I came to work today (which was the most familiar sight of the last 6 days) and could not believe that this area of the Bronx was so unaffected, when just a few miles in every direction faced such destruction. As I drove over the GW Bridge with gas in my car and (finally) a warm home to return to later today, I couldn’t help but feel guilty for my good fortune, when so many people have lost everything. I wanted to pick up those who’ve been broken down and give them a great big hug, a warm blanket, and a safe place to sleep tonight. As I looked through pictures of Sandy’s aftermath, my iTunes made some very interesting song choices to play…and yet they were oddly calming as I saw the images of flooded neighborhoods, sand-filled homes, and darkened streets. I have included a few below in hopes they bring some solace and peace as we slowly recover. I hope your Monday commutes went smoothly and you are on your way back to “normal!”

(a HUGE thanks to Brittany and her family for taking me in when my house was nothing but an icebox and to Heather for giving me some sanity during a week of chaos xo )


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