Movie Music Monday

I love movies. Do you love movies? I love ’em. (Almost as much as I love books.) This weekend was the first in a while that I was actually home for more than the time it takes to pack some semi-clean clothes and run a brush through my hair, and what did I do? Watched movies. Coincidentally, they all had fantastic soundtracks. My all-time favorite movie was the inspiration for today’s Music Monday post. I’ve said before that growing up, I lived in a house that was booming with sounds of the past. What is now considered “classic rock” was the soundtrack of my childhood, which could be why I love Almost Famous so much. Taking it for face value, it’s about an aspiring rock journalist trying to land that one great interview that launches his career. Delve a little deeper, and you find it’s more so about the loss of innocence set in the 1970’s and a family coming to terms with the ever-changing world around them. If you haven’t seen it, you should 🙂 Here’s a great scene with an even greater song. Enjoy!

Like what you see? Here a few of my favorite movies with amazing soundtracks.

O Brother Where Art Though – Those Soggy Bottom Boys are somethin’ else!

Garden State – Jersey pride!

The Tree of Life – Heavy movie. Heavier soundtrack.

Enjoy your Monday!

P.S. How awesome is this??


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