Music Monday

I made two kids cry today. In my defense, they were acting like Wild Things, but still, I made two kids cry today. I try my best to leave my work happenings at school, but when a kid screams shut the f*** up, throws a chair, and storms out, it sort of hangs over your head for a while. So what do you do? Put on your best teacher face, use your best teacher voice, and try to make her feel bad for what she did in hopes that tomorrow, it’s just a shove of a chair and not a full out WWE throw. I mean honestly, at one point today I looked around and my classroom was like Wrestlemania meets a Jumanji stampede. How do you make a kid care about their education? Even more, how do you make them care about their future? Apparently, my approach today was make them cry. Accidental? Yes. Effective? Totally. Crying means they care more than they want me to think. Crying means I got through to them. Crying means tomorrow I can wipe the slate clean and start fresh, or at least try to. Anyway, this song played on my way home and reminded me I’m not doing this for myself, I’m teaching for the kids. The chair-throwing, ratchet-name-calling, cursing, angry, smelly, awkward kids. And I love them.

P.S. My hometown was featured on SNL…I still remember when the “old Kmart” was a Grand Union…those were the days 🙂



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