Brrr…It’s cold in here…

There must be some Torr…ok, I won’t finish it. But I know you did! Every year the same thing happens: it gets cold. And every year I am somehow never prepared for it. So I thought this year, to change things up, rather than complaining and whining and crying about how friggin cold it is, I would try to find things that take my mind off being cold. Enjoy!

Live in NYC? Can’t make the trip up to the slopes? No worries! The ski lodge comes to you! (This was always my favorite part of skiing anyway.)

When’s the last time you read a good book? Or any book for that matter? Try thisthisthis, or this.

Go back to school, just for lunch.

Get crafty! Perfect solution for the sweaters your Aunt Edna gave you that you’ll never wear but still feel guilty about throwing away.

And don’t feel too bad if this ends up being you all winter long:

P.S. If you happen to have any of your old childhood books lying around…help a teacher out and donate them to my classroom! 6th graders are tough critics when it comes to reading. What were some of your favorites? I loved The Boxcar Children and R.L. Stein’s The Babysitter series!


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