Dinosaur Babies

Last week, in the middle of class, a student thought out loud to herself, “I can’t wait until Miss T is pregnant with a baby.” After taking a few moments to fully acknowledge exactly what she just said, the only response I could come up with was, “as opposed to pregnant with a dinosaur?” The relationships I form with my kids are complicated to say the least; I have to simultaneously fill the role of teacher, parent, friend, mentor, and disciplinarian, but I’m having a hard time finding under which role this dizzy daydream of a pregnant teacher falls. If you have any suggestions, please share.

On another note, I’m back!!! After a long (and unexpected) blogging hiatus, I am happy to be back sharing my pointless  scattered quirky thoughts and findings from around the world and its wide web. Additionally, I have wandered into a nice little apartment, with a few nice little roommates in one nice big city…New York! I am a firm believer/practicer of bucket lists, but what good is having a list of things to do without ever actually doing them? Checking off living in NYC was one heck of an experience 🙂 It’s funny how quickly the “awe” wears off and you find yourself becoming a little less impressed and a little more annoyed, but I’ve made it a point to remember that I’m living in “the city that never sleeps,” “the concrete jungle where dreams are made of,” “the city so nice they named it twice,” “the big apple,” “the place where you ride subways that smell like morning breath and pee and you don’t care because it’s New York.” OK, I made that last one up, but it’s still true!

So before I bid you farewell on this wintery Wednesday, (there is such a thing as too cold!) I want to share a few nifties from the past few weeks. It feels good to be back!

A quote for some creative motivation.

New York City in one photo. Spot on.

That awkward moment someone sings your song better than you. I’m lookin at you T. Swift.

Just some inspiration for your morning: here, here, and here.

This would be very useful information if Cash Cab was still on…(I love you Ben Bailey)

That’s all for now! Happy hump day 😉


Meatloaf Monday

Let’s talk about meatloaf. One time I tried to cook dinner for my family and for reasons unbeknownst to me I chose to make meatloaf. When it comes to meatloaf, Randy said it best. There is nothing good about meat in loaf-shape. However, I was driving home from school today and found myself looking for paradise by the dashboard lights while driving to Big Lots like a bat out of hell. (side note: Big Lots might be the greatest place ever.) Besides the fact that Meat Loaf can belt out a rock ballad with equal parts tacky-ness and awesome-ness, his movie cameos (which I’ve mentioned before) are pretty unreal. Rocky Horror Picture Show, Crazy in Alabama, Fight Club. Did you know he was the bus driver in Spice World?! So as you unwind from another mundane Monday, turn up the volume, grab a mic (or can of hairspray), and pick your favorite to sing along to.

“I bet you say that to all the boys”

(Fun fact: if I were ever to pluck up the nerve to do karaoke, this ^ one is my #1 pick)


*BTW this post was totally unplanned and spontaneous but both Spice World and Crazy in Alabama were on. AT THE SAME TIME. I haven’t seen either movie in YEARS. I’m officially creeped out a genius.


I had to take a CPR class last night since I somehow thought it would be a great idea to coach high school softball this Spring in addition to being a first year teacher. Genius. I know. Anyway, if anyone knows The Office you know how near impossible it was for me to hold it together while the CPR dummy lay lifeless in front of me. If you are one of the weird few people who haven’t seen it, watch it. NOW.

On that note, I’ve collected quite a few clips from around the web that are sure to kick off your weekend on a hilarious note! Enjoy!

OMG I was crying with laughter. Steve-O is back and better than ever!

Kristen Wiig is genius and I love her.

Have you seen this? There’s something about people being scared that is hilarious!

On that note, Ellen does scaring better than anyone!

This should get you through the day 🙂

Brrr…It’s cold in here…

There must be some Torr…ok, I won’t finish it. But I know you did! Every year the same thing happens: it gets cold. And every year I am somehow never prepared for it. So I thought this year, to change things up, rather than complaining and whining and crying about how friggin cold it is, I would try to find things that take my mind off being cold. Enjoy!

Live in NYC? Can’t make the trip up to the slopes? No worries! The ski lodge comes to you! (This was always my favorite part of skiing anyway.)

When’s the last time you read a good book? Or any book for that matter? Try thisthisthis, or this.

Go back to school, just for lunch.

Get crafty! Perfect solution for the sweaters your Aunt Edna gave you that you’ll never wear but still feel guilty about throwing away.

And don’t feel too bad if this ends up being you all winter long:

P.S. If you happen to have any of your old childhood books lying around…help a teacher out and donate them to my classroom! 6th graders are tough critics when it comes to reading. What were some of your favorites? I loved The Boxcar Children and R.L. Stein’s The Babysitter series!

Music Monday

I made two kids cry today. In my defense, they were acting like Wild Things, but still, I made two kids cry today. I try my best to leave my work happenings at school, but when a kid screams shut the f*** up, throws a chair, and storms out, it sort of hangs over your head for a while. So what do you do? Put on your best teacher face, use your best teacher voice, and try to make her feel bad for what she did in hopes that tomorrow, it’s just a shove of a chair and not a full out WWE throw. I mean honestly, at one point today I looked around and my classroom was like Wrestlemania meets a Jumanji stampede. How do you make a kid care about their education? Even more, how do you make them care about their future? Apparently, my approach today was make them cry. Accidental? Yes. Effective? Totally. Crying means they care more than they want me to think. Crying means I got through to them. Crying means tomorrow I can wipe the slate clean and start fresh, or at least try to. Anyway, this song played on my way home and reminded me I’m not doing this for myself, I’m teaching for the kids. The chair-throwing, ratchet-name-calling, cursing, angry, smelly, awkward kids. And I love them.

P.S. My hometown was featured on SNL…I still remember when the “old Kmart” was a Grand Union…those were the days 🙂


Movie Music Monday

I love movies. Do you love movies? I love ’em. (Almost as much as I love books.) This weekend was the first in a while that I was actually home for more than the time it takes to pack some semi-clean clothes and run a brush through my hair, and what did I do? Watched movies. Coincidentally, they all had fantastic soundtracks. My all-time favorite movie was the inspiration for today’s Music Monday post. I’ve said before that growing up, I lived in a house that was booming with sounds of the past. What is now considered “classic rock” was the soundtrack of my childhood, which could be why I love Almost Famous so much. Taking it for face value, it’s about an aspiring rock journalist trying to land that one great interview that launches his career. Delve a little deeper, and you find it’s more so about the loss of innocence set in the 1970’s and a family coming to terms with the ever-changing world around them. If you haven’t seen it, you should 🙂 Here’s a great scene with an even greater song. Enjoy!

Like what you see? Here a few of my favorite movies with amazing soundtracks.

O Brother Where Art Though – Those Soggy Bottom Boys are somethin’ else!

Garden State – Jersey pride!

The Tree of Life – Heavy movie. Heavier soundtrack.

Enjoy your Monday!

P.S. How awesome is this??

Music Monday

I write this post with a heavy heart. There hasn’t been a moment of the past week that my mind wasn’t on Hurricane Sandy, yet I still cannot seem to wrap my head around the immensity of this disaster. I came to work today (which was the most familiar sight of the last 6 days) and could not believe that this area of the Bronx was so unaffected, when just a few miles in every direction faced such destruction. As I drove over the GW Bridge with gas in my car and (finally) a warm home to return to later today, I couldn’t help but feel guilty for my good fortune, when so many people have lost everything. I wanted to pick up those who’ve been broken down and give them a great big hug, a warm blanket, and a safe place to sleep tonight. As I looked through pictures of Sandy’s aftermath, my iTunes made some very interesting song choices to play…and yet they were oddly calming as I saw the images of flooded neighborhoods, sand-filled homes, and darkened streets. I have included a few below in hopes they bring some solace and peace as we slowly recover. I hope your Monday commutes went smoothly and you are on your way back to “normal!”

(a HUGE thanks to Brittany and her family for taking me in when my house was nothing but an icebox and to Heather for giving me some sanity during a week of chaos xo )


Hello my lovely readers. Are you all ok? Excuse my French, but Sandy is a dirty, dirty pirate hooker and should go back to her home on Whore Island. One thing I’ve learned this week, I would never survive the Hunger Games. On a brighter note, my displacement due to no power at home has lead me over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s House which really means I get to go on a safari amidst all of her trinkets and treasures…

(stay tuned for The Adventures of Blue Hippo!!)


My borrowed internet time is limited…stay safe and warm, my friends! I’ll check back in soon. xoxo

Music Monday

Thought I forgot about you guys in this hurricane? Not a chance 🙂 I love Halloween. And more than the holiday, I love Halloween movies. So today’s Music Monday post is my favorite song from my favorite Halloween movie. Anyone that hasn’t seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show needs to do so, NOW. It’s tacky and creepy and hilarious all at the same time. And I love it. Meatloaf always manages to make these amazing cameos in movies and I think we need to appreciate the little something extra he brings to this particular film. I’m just waiting for the day I can check off “participate in a Rocky Horror Picture Show” from my bucket list. Any interest in going? Let’s make it happen 🙂

Here are a few more tunes to keep you Pink Ladies and T-birds occupied while we suffer through this visit from Sandy (ok, way lame hurricane joke, I know. I’ve been housebound for too long!)

Not too sure Walt Grace would venture out in this storm.

Dustin’ off an oldie.

One of my favorites off the new album.

Excited to see these guys open for DMB in December 🙂

For those of you bracing yourselves through Sandy, stay safe and warm and read a book!